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TC Fällanden supports Dasha Volkova

Dear TCF members

We are very proud to support tennis player Dasha Volkova, who fled from Ukraine. Dasha can use our tennis courts for training together with the coaches Daniele Bernasconi and Folkert Hesse.

Here are a few words about Dasha from herself:

My name is Dasha Volkova, I am an ukrainian tennis player, 18 years old, originally from Kharkiv. I have been playing tennis for 10 years, and right now I am 37 in national ranking, and I was in the last 4 of national championship last year. I dream so much of developing my career and becoming the best in my sport. I escaped from Kharkiv together with my sister and her family to Lithuania, then I contacted Folkert Hesse and he agreed to help me. So, we went to Switzerland and now I am very happy, to be able to train at TC Faellanden. But my parents are still in Ukraine, and I hope they also will be able to escape to Switzerland soon. Hopefully my family will get a job in Switzerland, so we will be able to establish our life and they can support my dream of becoming a professional tennis player.

As soon as I have the money for it, I will try to start playing my first professional tournaments. Until then I am very happy that I have the opportunity to train at the TC Faellanden and be well prepared for my first match.

Thanks a lot for your help and support!

We wish Dasha and her family all the best and hope that we can help a little bit.

Sporty greetings

TCF Board



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