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Sponsor the Fällanden tennis club

Like every club, the Fällanden tennis club is dependent on additional sources of income such as sponsorship. We rent our fences to you as advertising space. It is important to us that your sponsorship creates a win-win situation. This means that you, as a sponsor, can also draw added value from sponsoring our club, in the form of an effective advertising presence on our tennis facility.

Sponsoring the TCF is very easy. After you have signed a sponsorship contract with us, the wind and sun visor (advertising tarpaulin) will be printed. We can commission these for you or you can have them made yourself (this is done at the sponsor's expense). If you have any problems with the production of the advertising tarpaulin, we will be happy to assist you. Depending on the duration of the sponsorship contract, which you can determine individually with us, your advertising tarpaulin will hang on the inside of our square fencing for a certain period of time.

Why should you decide to sponsor the TCF:


  • Advertising appearance on our tennis facility : With Interclub games you can reach a potential target group of people that is twice as high as that of our club. 

  • In addition, we guarantee you an advertising presence on our website

  • Support of a sports club that promotes social coexistence and that invests in young people.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact our board of directors .

For donations to the TCF:                                  For TWINT transfers:


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