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My name is Lea Gietz , I've been playing tennis since I was 9 years old and string my rackets myself for almost as long. As I'm a very active tournament player (ranking 2020: N4 59) I have to re-string my rackets every 1-2 weeks thus a great experience in quality and technology.

I would also be happy to string your tennis racket:

A fresh covering is more arm-friendly and gives the game more consistency, quality and joy in playing. I am very flexible and can re-string your racket within 24 hours if required or even faster if required / necessary.

Cost :
Racket without strings: 25.- (you bring your own string)
Racket with string: approx. 35.- (depending on the string: approx. 5.- to 20.-)

Contact details:

Lea Gietz,  Leeacherstrasse 29a, 8123 Ebmatingen,  078 610 78 79

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