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TC Fällanden offers different types of annual memberships

By joining the TCF, the club member recognizes the Statuten as well as the Spiel- und Platzreglement.

For details on memberships and annual fees, see our current Gebührenreglement.
 of the TCF is available at any time for further information.


CHF 500

 Unrestricted eligibility to play. Trial membership in the first year (50% discount). Discounts for couples / families and trainees / students.

Active "light"
CHF 300

Authorized to play tennis from Monday to Friday until 6:00 p.m.


CHF 50

For friends and patrons of the TCF. No eligibility to play.

Juniors (under 18)

CHF 100 

Unrestricted right to play for juniors aged 12 and over. Juniors under 12 accompanied by an adult. Children of active members do not pay a membership fee! 

Registration for a TCF membership

Annual membership

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